Transnational Institute of Culture (TIC)

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April 7, 2008, 6:51 pm
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TIC – Transnational Institute of Culture

Virtual university operated by entrepreneurs for students to practice languages.

The Transnational Institute of Culture (TIC) is a virtual university operated by entrepreneurs who enable the students to “practice” foreign languages while the enrepreneurs serve as “scholastic practitioners” teaching one or more six week courses enabling the entrepreneur scholastic practicioner to assess the student or even foreign entrepreneur as a possible new employee and/or even a business partner. Together they can eventually formalize their relationship into mutually agreeable forms.

Build Your Enterprise Using the Internet

Get business coaching while practicing English as a second language.

The Transnational Institute of Culture (TIC) is a virtual university operated by entrepreneurs who we call “scholar practitioners.” The scholar practitioners teach one or more six week courses that facilitate business growth in one or two ways: you assess the student as a possible new employee and/or whether the student can assist in expanding your enterprise. This works especially well if the student has entrepreneurial skills. Without doubt it works well when there is synergy between the scholar practitioner and the student.

Hence the students get an opportunity to be hired as well as to be considered to do a business venture with the entrepreneur. The fees to join the TIC as a scholastic practioner are negotiated by the TIC when you join.

The TIC is seeking both scholar practitioners and students who are interested in teamwork, critical thinking, communications, foreign languages, foreign cultures, global markets, business consulting, event planning, photography and real estate acquisition. At the TIC entrepreneurs lead the virtual university which enables the TIC to operate just a little different than a traditional university. As an insititution operated by entrepreneurs the TIC focuses on business growth and infra-structure support services because we use of the 9 p’s in marketing.

As the founder of the TIC, I have over 30 years of demonstrated experience in both the public and private sectors providing business and corporate coaching, especially business development support consulting services to companies doing business with the federal government. Also I have demonstrated experience in security, transformation management, and risk management consulting.

I am a Business and Corporate Consultant with strongly demonstrated domestic and international experience in risk analysis and homeland security.


Business consulting, risk analysis, security, corporate and business development are some of my skills. These skills are available to entrepreneurs who want to team with us and increase their business expansion. Ask and you can learn how to make this happen using the virtual university. Currently we are creating the Transnational Institute of Culture (TIC) for entrepreneurs to use in executing your “promotion plans” and expanding your enterprise through hires and business ventures.